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You've done an excellent job getting to this point. Here's what we can do to help make your business greater.

The rabbit hole goes deep with knowing what you're getting from a web designer. Anyone can make a website, some places for free—Wix & Shopify.

So you say you're not going to drill your cavities: a dentist does, you're not going to fix your car: a mechanic does, you're not going to install your plumbing: a plumber does. Driving web sites & software is what we do.

We're professional web programmers, designers & enginners with marketing backgrounds who build world class web sites & software.

Get a 30-minute free consultation send a SMS to 702-524-0748.

*Our websites & software are custom made with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP/PDO, MYSQL & run on Ubuntu Linux Servers.

Here are a few applications & websites we've designed.

We've worked with auto garages, dance costume companies, mobile ebike repair, SaaS platforms, A.I., directory websites & Web3 apps.

Artificial intelligence software drives real state, mortgage, warranty & services service leads.

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Lead generation SaaS platform allowing users to automate lead sales and distribution via mobile & web.

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Decentralized free image upload and file storage through IPFS built on Filecoin's blockchain technology.

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Auto garage servicing BMW & Rolls Royce only in their new state-of-the-art building in Henderson, Nevada.

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Don't you think we make beautiful websites? This one is a work of art for a dance costume company.

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You're not interested or can't afford it, which means you need to pay the $5,000 so you always have money.

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After your discovery call with Cody at 702-524-0748

Expect the following three steps to happen after you pay your invoice.

We will set up a new server to host your website and review your current one if you have one. We will migrate any old files you may have.

Next, we will transfer any domains to your new hosting account and consolidate everything to one server. Or we will point domains to the new server we've made.

Then your domains email addresses will be set up on an email server on your hosting account your_name@your_domain.com will be accessible from your devices.

The HTML, CSS, PHP & JS: the website's code get written now. Layouts will get made, and any database work done.

Making the actual website is the most challenging part and takes the longest. You will get followed up to approve designs, colors & layout changes & additions.

Any analytics programs, social media tracking, on-screen visitors, or similar software will be set up and implemented.

Any APIs or other programmable & integrable software will get set up.

You will get asked for content early in this process, so you'll have it by finishing steps one and two.

We will have a 1-on-1 phone call at this point to integrate all of your textual, picture, and video content.

Next, we run all of your textual content through a professional grammar and writing employee.

The website gets launched, and we will continue maintenance for a monthly add-on fee to be paid annually of $125 per month.

You're happy, and the website has got built & finished. You also have someone new you can trust.

All your clients want to show people your website because it makes them look "cool," and it should. You get more referrals your website lets you make more money. It's the best $5,000 investment. Glad you made it.

If you haven't worked with us call Cody at 702-524-0748 or direct message him on Instagram. The discovery call doesn't cost money.

See our newest website designed for an e-Bike company in San Clemente, California.

We work with the owner regularly one on one. You'll always need new content changed out, words on your website changed & other minor things. We're here for you and not going anywhere. You're buying trust.

Text or Call 702-524-0748.

Your website isn't good enough for what you're doing right now. Get more referrals, deals, charge more money, work less through looking professional and not an amateur. If you agree and don't move on this, how can you look at yourself in the mirror? Call me now if you're a professional, Cody, at 702-524-0748

Suppose you don't call or DM. You're an amateur, hobbyist you or you don't care. Or you can't afford it, which means you need to contact Cody, so you always have money and don't just sit here and have to "over-think" things.

Even worse, don't let some amateur, kid, or friend tell you otherwise. That's why you go to a doctor, and they charge $100's of dollars to tell you what you can Google. Do you take medical advice from them too?